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My writing is geared towards personal development topics, such as: leadership, productivity, soft skills, and the entrepreneurial mindset. Through my writing I hope to not only inspire people to continue on their personal and professional development journey, but to also give them practical and tangible take aways to apply in their lives and see growth.

I am a best selling author and contributor that has had my worked published on some of the world’s largest personal and professional development publications: Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, AskMen, The Good Men Project, and Thrive Global.

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Why I wrote my book

& HOW it can help you Increase ​​​​​​​Your Profits!​​​​​​​

In January of 2017, I wrote and published my first book “Taming Turnover: Creating Company Culture Where Insurance Agents Prosper.” We were very proud and honored to have hit the Amazon #1 Best Sellers status; having sold internationally. This book was written from my 11 years in the insurance industry and 9 years managing and developing teams in the same industry. After seeing what was working and not, I learned how to apply certain pragmatic principles that resulted in tremendous growth and a positive change in company culture.
I wrote the book to share these principles with management teams as well as agents, so they would be able to apply the principles and flourish in their businesses.
I know what it is to struggle trying to find an answer on how to make your team succeed and how to be an effective leader; so now people can get the book, apply the principles, and watch their teams soar.
This book is not only for the insurance and financial professional. It is for leaders in any capacity; whether a different industry, a church organization, or guiding your family. This book has some great tips for every leader.  Read some of the reviews on the Home page, and be sure to click on the link below and get your copies.

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