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About Me

After spending 13 years in the corporate world (financial industry) recruiting, training, and developing employees, I came to a cross roads of what my future would be. My existence in this life had been engulfed with “work” and trying to become “successful.” In this pursuit, I actually lost myself in it all. Financially, I was doing great (earning 6 figures), but I was working so much that my relationship with my wife, son, and even involvement in community service had diminished. My health was also deteriorating.“I was losing everything…”


My Areas Of Expertise

As an international consultant, motivational speaker, and best selling author I speak, train, coach, and develop executives, management and leadership teams, employees and individuals, on personal development topics such as:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

The entrepreneurial (business owner) mindset is a powerful topic to train on, as many of the top companies in the world are finding.It is not enough that people are doing a job, but that they would take ownership responsibilities and see their position and duties in the company as a fulfillment in their purpose in life.Studies show that when companies tie their purpose with that of their people, their are great win-win opportunities:

-Lower Turnover
-Longevity with Key employees
-Higher Productivity
-Greater employee engagement

Soft Skills

Self-awareness, communication skills, presentation skills, personality development, productivity, and time management.

These skills are becoming more scarce in society but they don’t have to be in your organization and company.

The benefits are powerful:

-Improved employee engagement
-Higher Productivity
-Improved Company Culture



Leaders aren’t born, they are made. Likewise, companies and management teams take time and precision to develop their leadership abilities.The rewards of properly developing leadership amongst a company are:

-Better morale
-Happier Employees
-More productive teams
-Retain talent


Top 100

Honored with this prestigious award

 In 2018, I was awarded the John Maxwell Top 100 Transformational Leadership awards

Trust for a reason

They Trust Us For a Reason…

 Fortune 100 & 500 companies trust my company and I to train, develop, inspire, and empower their employees and supervisors. They trust us for a reason: We deliver results.

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